Computer Problems

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Computer Problems

ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI unsigned RAID/ACHI driver in Vista 64-bit

AWUS036ACH in monitor mode in Linux

AWUS036NH working in Kali Linux 2018

Another thing to backup - Product Key Stickers on laptops

Apache Jakarta HTTPClient, Slow Downloads of Large Files

Blackberry sync, Desktop Manager, Error 1904 or 0x80040057

Blackberry, Can't add member to group

Boot USB drive on older BIOS

Can't remote install Mac OS X Server - Snow Leopard 10.6 using Windows machine as DVD

Dell D430, Slackware 12, Wifi Wireless Working

Dell Inspiron 1520 and Windows 7 64-bit drivers

Dell Optiplex GX620, BSOD, and Windows XP 64-bit

Dell Wireless and Ubuntu Linux

Encrypting CyanogenMod Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 tablet

Fix USB Will Not Connect VMware Workstation Linux

Fixing Unsupported Class Version Error, jUnit, and Eclipse

Fixing VMware Workstation Gnome Favorites Pin

Good explanation of why USB is slow

Google Fi to Boost Mobile and Device does not appear to be eligible for activation.

HP Pavilion Laptop, HP Quick Launch, and Windows XP SP3

HTC Hero phone will not mount as usb drive

HTC Hero, Sorry, you cannot attach this to your message

Half-Life 2 (Demo) and Stuttering Problem (aka lag, choppy)

Half-Life 2 (Original), ASUS M3A78-EMH HDMI, Stuttering

Half-Life 2 Stuttering Problem Fixed!

How to fix NFS (v4) not mounting /etc/fstab entries on boot

How to use command line arguments with shebang /usr/bin/env python

IE, XHTML, Unspecified error Error processing resource xhtml11.dtd

Install Windows 7 (boot) 64-bit to RAID array 3TB on Gigabyte Hybrid EFI motherboard

Java ignores /dev/urandom or slow Tomcat SHA1PRNG SSL

LG Fusic (LX550) and vibrate problem

Lenovo Laptop (20Y4S2NJ00) with Lenovo Dock (40AN) and Windows Login Screen with no working USB

Make Juniper Network Connect work with Slackware 12.2

MySQL 5, Hibernate 3, Connection timeouts

MySQL, -p, and no space between password

NVIDIA Qardo T2000 GPU Ubuntu 22 Dell 5540 Laptop

Netgear WG511v1 and Windows Vista

No grammar constraints (DTD or XML schema) detected for the document

Outlook 2007 calendar export leaves off time zone

P4G533-LA motherboard, Drivers, Windows 98

Plantronics Savi 7xx-M and Linux mouse or lockup problems

ProxMox and clustering on non-default LAN (subnets)

SSH Broken Pipe with VMware NAT

Strawberry Perl (portable), libxml2.dll is missing, XML::LibXML

Ubuntu 9.10 Flash Player not working with embedded videos (click problem)

VMware VM Freezes on-Workstation Linux Host.html

VMware Workstation Working on Latest Ubuntu

VMware Workstation crashes when copying folder to VM

Validating Photo Image File Integrity

Windows 7 USB and No compatible USB devices detected

Windows Firewall - Block all incoming connections - Breaks IPv6

Windows USB boot install on UEFI

Windows XP, External USB, Large File Copy

Wrong times on SD Card from digital Camera or Camcorder (FAT file system)

XHTML 1.0, Internet Explorer, application/xhtml+xml

rsync, write protected read-only dest directory, mkstemp Permission denied