Tech Tricks

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Tech Tricks

/dev/one for writing all 1's to a disk

AHCI versus RST in Laptop

Automating Internet Explorer cache clearing

Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter in OpenWrt

Benchmarking Laptop WiFi Adapters

Benchmarking Netgear Nighthawk® X4S R7800 Firmwares

Benchmarking and Burn-in Tools

Benchmarks for various wifi routers

Boot from USB without BIOS support

Booting the Linux From Scratch LiveCD from a usb key drive

Building Apache 2.4 for Linux with mod_ssl

Built-in md5 sha256 sha1 hash command in Windows PowerShell

CD Burn rights in XP for non-admin users

Change a Hyper-V VM BIOS GUID or UUID

Cloning Drive with dd and WinPE

Command line script way to get SSL certificate

Convert Kismet netxml to csv

Create VMWare ESX usb installer with SysLinux 6 or later under Linux

Creating Samsung recovery disc on a Windows 8 laptop

Custom icon for USB device

Custom preseed Ubuntu SERVER iso from usb

DDR Speed versus SPD Speed

DIY cheap (and slow) Linux NAS

Dual monitor in Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit rotated 90 degrees

Enable TRIM/Discard on USB for Linux

Grub 2 for booting ISOs on USB disks

HTC Hero (Android) and playing videos

How bash reads startup files on various distros

How copy mixed-mode (DATA and Audio) CD to image

How to compile ipmitool for Windows 32-bit

How to delete a Windows service without restarting

How to export contacts from LG cell phone RecMngr.bin

How to get around the 2.2TB with MBR partitions

How to install Apache Continuum

How to list wireless details in Windows 7

How to resolve IP address to MAC hardware address in Windows

How to unroot or restore factory ROM (RUU) firmware to the HTC Evo 4G (Sprint)

How to use Linux and adb to backup the MK808B apps and data

Identify hardware models without opening the case

Install Linux System Rescue CD to USB drive using Windows batch script

Install Windows XP from a usb stick

Installing Ubuntu 8 from usb key

Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) End of Life

LUKS on SSD with TRIM enabled

Linux System Rescue CD, Linksys WUSB54GC, Getting wireless to work

Linux Tools for Windows

Linux script show VM IP on logon screen

Linux shell settings I use

Make Office 2013 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) load faster

Maximum length of DNS hostname and domain names

Microsoft Word CREATEDATE field not correct time zone

Mount Windows dynamic disks (spanned) in Linux

Multiple VLAN NOT sharing Internet with DD-WRT

My new custom NAS

Netgear Nighthawk AX12 - RAX120 - AX6000 Router

OpenSSL Tricks

Partition a usb key drive under Windows

Print 15 minute intervals in Outlook 2007 calendar

Print week calendar starting on Sunday in Outlook 2003

Python Pandas Excel Format Column Number Type

Quick Reference for Cisco Catalyst switch configuration

Removing the Windows 10 Lock Screen Graphic

Repeater mode for DD-WRT on a Linksys router

Restoring your HTC Hero (CDMA Sprint) from a custom ROM to the original factory ROM

Rooting your Sprint HTC Hero (CDMA) without loading a custom ROM

Router Forced TOR Access Point

Safely Eject (Remove) eSata drive

Scanning and testing a usb key for defects

Setting Windows network settings from the command line

Stop Ask Toolbar adware in Java install

Subnet range generator

USB Key Drives, To Partition Or Not?

Ubuntu VM with Enhanced Session Hyper-V with Sound

Ubuntu on HP 8560w

Ubuntu vi or vim arrow key problem

Unlocking and install a custom ROM on the HTC Evo 4G (Sprint) and most other HTC Android phones

Use "NET USE" Windows command in batch script without a clear text password

Useful site to do TCP port open check

User-installed (standalone) Google Chrome for Linux

VMConnect Hyper-V Custom Resolution Ubuntu

Web site tool for testing cron schedules

Windows 7 VM Working in VMware Tools

Windows 7 drivers for Samsung NP365E5C-S02UB

mysqldump a read-only database

pppd (or pptpd) unrecognized option 'require-mppe-128'

sudo sudoers quick reference