Programming in C/C++, Visual Basic, QuickBasic, and Q++

C/C++ is a widely used program language. �It is commonly used to make DOS and Linux software. �It can also make Windows programs. �Here is a quick run-thru on how to write a C program for DOS that will take in input and give out input. �If you want to test this copy this code to a text editor and remove the line numbers.

 1  #include <stdio.h>  //Input & Output Header File
 2  #include <stdlib.h>  //Input & Output Library Header File
 3  #include <string.h>  //String Header File
 5  void main( void ) {  //Main Function Beginning
 6       int MyNumber;  //Declare integer
 7       char MyWord[100];  //Declare string array
 9       printf( "\nType in a number ==> " );  //Print out request
10       scanf( "%d", &MyNumber );  //Read input from keyboard
12       //Print out input from keyboard
13       printf( "\nYou typed in the number %d.", MyNumber );
15       printf( "\n\nType in a word ==> " );  /Print out request
16       scanf( "%s", MyWord );  //Scan input from keyboard
18       //Print out input from keyboard
19       printf( "\nYou typed in the word %s.", MyWord );
21       printf( "\nPress any key to end." );  //Print out message
22       MyWord = getc( stdin );  //Read character from keyboard
23  }  //Main Function End

Line 1: �Indicates that the input and output library is to be linked.
Line 2: �Indicates that the input and output library is to be linked.
Line 3: �Indicates that the string library is to be linked.
Line 4: �Blank Line.
Line 5: �Indicates the beginning of the main function that is called when the program first runs.
Line 6: �Indicates the declaration of a integer variable.
Line 7: �Indicates the declaration of a string variable.
Line 8: �Blank Line.
Line 9: �Indicates that the text in quotes is to be printed to the screen. �A \n indicates a carriage return.
Line 10: �Indicates that something is to be read from the keyboard. �The %d in the quotes indicates a integer number. �When reading numbers you must use a & in front of the variable name.
Line 11: �Blank Line.
Line 12: �A comment. �A // indicates a comment and will do nothing.
Line 13: �See Line 9. �A %d inside the quotes indicates that a number is to be inserted. �The variables are listed after the comma after the quotes.
Line 14: �Blank Line.
Line 15: �See Line 13. �The %s inside the quotes if for strings.
Line 16: �See Line 10. �The %s indicates that a string is to be read.
Line 17: �Blank Line.
Line 18: �See Line 12.
Line 19: �See Line 15.
Line 20: �Blank Line.
Line 21: �See Line 9.
Line 22: �Reads a single character from the keyboard.
Line 23: �Indicates the closing of the "main" function.

Visual Basic
Visual Basic is a program language that is for Windows. �It uses a visual development environment that places controls on forms and programs events for them. �This is a very easy language for beginners that are looking to make Windows programs. �I program using Visual Basic 5.0. �You can get books to learn how to use Visual Basic. �Que makes really good books that I have used to learn how to program. �I will show you how to make a simple chat program. �In order to do this you will need the Winsock.ocx control.

The WinSock control allows TCP/IP connections between your programs. �The WinSock does have one bug however, whenever the client end gets disconnected the client cannot reconnect back to the server without unloading the control or resetting the local port number. �Click here to download the program and its source code. �Just look for the program that is called Chat!

On with how I made the chat program.

QuickBasic was included with DOS 6.x. �It cannot compile programs into self-running code so you have to use it to run the programs. �Here is a sample program that I made when I was learning how to program. �After running and playing it you can probably figure out I wrote around the time I had just seen the movie Jurassic Park. �It does have a cheat code though, see if you can figure it out.

CLS : numberrap = 20: auxpower = 100: part = 1
INPUT "System Ready", q$
IF q$ = "RoBear" THEN password$ = "Raptor #1": PRINT "Adnormal program start.": auxpower = 1000000: GOTO 5
PRINT "Jurassic Park Main Control"
INPUT "Enter the password.  It's Raptor #1 :) ", password$
5 IF NOT (password$ = "Raptor #1") THEN PRINT "Incorrect Identification.": SYSTEM: END
DO while INKEY$ = ""
   LOCATE 3, 3, 1
IF auxpower <= 30 THEN COLOR 20 ELSE COLOR 7, 0
PRINT "Jurassic Main Control"
LOCATE 10, 1, 0
PRINT "Raptor pit"
LOCATE 10, 30, 0
PRINT "Power Supplies"
LOCATE 20, 1, 0
PRINT "Fences"
LOCATE 20, 30, 0
PRINT "Animal count"
IF auxpower <= 0 THEN LOCATE 1, 1: FOR tt = 1 TO 10: FOR t = 1 TO 5000: NEXT t: PRINT "All power gone!!!  The Dinosaurs have escaped.  You have been eating by raptors.  You lose!!!": NEXT tt: SYSTEM: END
  a$ = UCASE$(INKEY$)
  IF a$ = "J" THEN GOTO 10
  IF a$ = "R" THEN GOTO 20
  IF a$ = "P" THEN GOTO 30
  IF a$ = "F" THEN GOTO 40
  IF a$ = "A" THEN GOTO 50
10 CLS
   PRINT "Jurassic Park"
   PRINT "1. Comm"
   PRINT "2. Tour"
   PRINT "3. DNA"
   PRINT "4. Travel"
   PRINT "5. Kill 2 Raptors."
   PRINT "6. Quit Game."
11 INPUT "Type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 and press ENTER when ready. ", want
   IF want < 1 OR want > 6 THEN PRINT "Invalied selection.  Please try again.": auxpower = auxpower - 15: GOTO 11
   auxpower = auxpower - 9
   IF want = 1 THEN
              INPUT "Enter DNA code. ", dnapass$
              IF dnapass$ = "5555555 T-REX" THEN
                 PRINT "Jurassic Comm System"
                 PRINT "Find the two kids lost in JP"
                 PRINT "by looking at Fences and the number of Animals."
                 LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ <> ""
              END IF
   IF want = 2 THEN
              PRINT "Jurassic Park Tour"
              PRINT "The Raptors are starting to break free."
              PRINT "You are Grant and must find the two kids"
              PRINT " before all power is gone."
              PRINT "Then you must decode the DNA strands to leave JP."
              PRINT "The power amounts needed are as follows:"
              PRINT "Jurassic Main Control 9% auxpower"
              PRINT "  1.  9% auxpower"
              PRINT "  2.  0% auxpower"
              PRINT "  3. 10% auxpower"
              PRINT "  4.  5% auxpower"
              PRINT "  5.  0% auxpower"
              PRINT "  6.  0% auxpower"
              PRINT "Raptor pit 10% auxpower"
              PRINT "Power Supplies 10% auxpower"
              PRINT "Fences 20% auxpower"
              PRINT "Animal Count 18% auxpower"
              PRINT "Good Luck."
              PRINT "--------------END TRANSMISSION----------------"
              a$ = INKEY$
              LOOP UNTIL a$ <> ""
   IF want = 3 THEN
               INPUT "Warning!!!  This will kill 5 Raptors.  Ok to proceed?", o$
               ok$ = UCASE$(o$)
               IF ok$ = "Y" THEN
                                  numberrap = numberrap - 5
                                  auxpower = auxpower - 10
                                  IF numberrap <= 0 THEN COLOR 20, 14: PRINT "Not enough of Raptors.  All raptors are dead.  You lose": END
                                  IF part = 1 THEN PRINT "DNA 555"
                                  IF part = 2 THEN PRINT "DNA 5555555"
                                  IF part = 3 THEN PRINT "DNA 5555555 T-"
                                  IF part = 4 THEN PRINT "DNA 5555555 T-REX"
                                  part = part + 1
                                  IF part > 4 THEN part = 4
                                  DO UNTIL INKEY$ <> ""
               END IF
   IF want = 4 THEN
     IF part = 4 AND kidsfound = 2 AND auxpower >= 5 THEN
         PRINT "Leaving Jurassic Park.  Have a safe trip.": SYSTEM: END
      PRINT "Incorrect DNA strand.  Kids not with you.  Go find them."
      PRINT "Must have 5% or above auxpower supply left!"
      LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ <> ""
     END IF
   IF want = 5 THEN
           PRINT "Killing"
           IF numberrap <= 0 THEN PRINT "No Raptors to kill.": numberrap = numberrap + 2
           numberrap = numberrap - 2
           IF numberrap <= 0 THEN
                        PRINT "All raptors are dead. No power up."
              auxpower = auxpower + 19
              PRINT " 10% powerup."
           END IF
           LOOP UNTIL INKEY$ <> ""
   IF want = 6 THEN SYSTEM: END
   GOTO 7
20 CLS
   PRINT "Raptor pit status"
   IF numberrap < 0 THEN numberrap = 0
   PRINT "Number in pit "; numberrap
   PRINT "Number expected "; "20"
   IF numberrap > 30 THEN PRINT "Warning raptor pit to small raptors are escaping!!!"
   IF numberrap = 40 THEN PRINT "Too many raptors.  You bearly escape.  Jurassic Park is a failer!!": END
   IF numberrap <= 0 THEN PRINT "All raptors are dead.  Loss of money.  70% power drain.": auxpower = auxpower - 70
   IF numberrap <= 0 THEN PRINT "No more Raptors to hatch." ELSE numberrap = numberrap + 1
   auxpower = auxpower - 10
   PRINT "Press any key to exit"
   DO UNTIL INKEY$ <> ""
   GOTO 7
30 CLS
   auxpower = auxpower - 5
   PRINT "Jurassic Park Power Supplies"
   IF auxpower < 0 THEN PRINT "Warning all power gone. Emergancy power kicking in.": auxpower = 20
   PRINT auxpower; "% auxiliary power left."
   PRINT "Main power destroyed"
   PRINT "Press any key to exit"
   b$ = UCASE$(INKEY$)
   DO UNTIL b$ <> ""
   b$ = UCASE$(INKEY$)
   IF b$ = "T" THEN auxpower = 0: PRINT "T-REX eats all power supplyes and gets fried.  You eat him.  All power gone.": DO UNTIL INKEY$ <> "": LOOP
   GOTO 7
40 CLS
   auxpower = auxpower - 20
   PRINT "T-REX fences down"
   PRINT "Raptor fences up"
   PRINT "All fences percent working 70"
   IF part = 4 AND NOT (kidsfound = 1) AND NOT (kidsfound = 2) THEN PRINT "One kid near Raptor fence.": kidsfound = 1
   PRINT "Press any key to continue..."
   GOTO 7
50 CLS
   auxpower = auxpower - 18
   PRINT "Number of animals expected 1000"
   PRINT "Number Found 700"
   PRINT "100 are dead"
   PRINT "500 animals sorce unknown.  200 in captivity."
   IF numberrap <= 0 THEN PRINT "All raptors are dead!!!"
   IF part = 4 AND kidsfound = 1 THEN
         kidsfound = 2
         PRINT "Another kid found!!"
   PRINT "Press any key to continue..."
Q++ is the programming language that was used to make Quake. �It is very similar to C++ and I have modified the game by using it. �You can get the source code and a compilier here.
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