Migrating from Google G Suite legacy free

Last Modified: Wed, 06 Apr 2022 01:56:46 +0000 ; Created: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 11:31:16 +0000

Back in 2008 I signed up for a free 200-user license to Google Apps (aka Google Workspace, aka G Suite legacy free). I used it for family with my custom domain. Now Google has decided to discontinue the free service and move everyone to a paid subscription with only 6 months warning.

Google has started a survey to see if people would be interested in a family plan option. Nothing offered yet.

I have started looking into other providers and option costs instead. Wanting to use a custom domain for sending and receiving e-mail appears to drive the cost up a bit per month.

Provider Cost Type  Cost / Month / User  # users planned # users Max  Total Cost / Month  Mailbox Storage Cloud Storage # custom domains DKIM DNS register # Aliases per user Calendar sharing Mailing List Forwarder? Notes
Google Workspace - Starter monthly  $ 6.00 4 300  $ 24.00 30GB Shared with Mailbox 2 YES Own YES YES YES
Microsoft for Families yearly  $ 2.27 4 6  $ 11.63 50GB 1000GB 1 no GoDaddy no YES NO Requires GoDaddy for domain at $28 / year
Microsoft 365 for business monthly  $ 5.00 4 300  $ 20.00 50GB 1000GB 2 YES Own YES YES YES
iCloud+ monthly  $ 2.99 4 5  $ 2.99 200GB Shared with all users 5 🚧 Own 3 NO NO No Android calendar edits / only read-only
Self-hosted static IP monthly  $ 3.75 4  $ 15.00 1TB 1TB 2 YES Own YES YES YES Lots of infastructure to setup. Probably should use a dedicated Pi + drive.
ProtonMail monthly  $ 5.65 4 1  $ 22.60 5B N/A 1 YES Own YES YES NO 1000 messages per day
Zoho - Forever Free Plan monthly  $ 0.00 4 5  $ 0.00 5GB N/A 1 YES Own Yes Yes No Requires you to provide an existing email address so sign-up. Makes sign-up difficult if you don't have one with someone else already.
Free e-mail forwarding via CloudFlare or forwardemail.net


I tried out CloudFlare's beta email routing service. It does not support subdomains unless you an enterprise plan.

I've been testing forwardemail.net with some success so far.