My favorite Google Android free apps

Last Modified: Mon, 12 Dec 2016 04:04:15 +0000 ; Created: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 19:51:20 +0000

These are my favorite apps for my Google Android phone. Just search the market by the name to find them.
  • Google Maps - Google Maps with turn-by-turn directions and spoken streets
  • GTasks (Appest Inc., was called Dato) - Sync to Google Calendar Tasks lists automatically
  • Hangouts (Google) - Supports multi-person video calls and works on Android and iPhone
  • IP Cam Remote (SoratSoft) - This is the best free IP camera viewer that supports multiple cameras and two-way audio for free
  • NetStat (YunaSoft) - Shows your current routing table and connections
  • Network Info II (Alexandros Schillings) - Very useful for viewing information about network devices and remote MACs
  • OpenVPN for Android
  • OS Monitor (eolwral) - View running processes, resource usage, and kill processes
  • Pixel Media Server - DMS (TATA) - Handy way to use videos stored on tablet and stream them over wifi and DLNA to other tablets
  • Smart Time Sync (MasterCo) - Allows (with root) to sync time via ntp
  • SMS Backup + (Jan Berkel) - Syncs my SMS messages to Google E-mail without storing your password on the phone
  • (Ookla) - Great app for testing your network speed
  • Wallpaper Slideshow (birbeck) - Changes your wallpaper automatically
  • Wifi Analyzer (farproc) - Nice utility for measuring signal strength and best wireless channel

Old ones I used back in 2011

  • ADW Launcher (Anderweb) - Nice alternative for my tablet
  • Android Agenda Widget (EVERYBODY ALL THE TIME) - Useful widget for showing my agenda and has scrolling setting
  • Carr Matey - Nice for saving the GPS location of your car and returning to it later
  • ConnectBot (Kenny Root) - ssh client
  • Free PowerPoint OpenOffice Remote - Great for using as a presentation remote and it even shows your presentation on your phone. Works by using WiFi and a small Java application on your computer.
  • GPS Test (Chartcross Limited) - Nice diagnostic of your GPS reception
  • Google Voice - Nice voice mail and has basic speech-to-text conversion (no longer exists since Hangouts replaced it)
  • Handcent (handcent_admin) - Good SMS messaging tool and auto-resizes pictures for sending MMS
  • IP Webcam (Pas) - Cool way to reuse an old Android phone. Works with video and audio. You can even link it into video call software with some work.
  • Network (Philipp Mangelow) - Great for modifying the GSM vs CDMA settings to preserve battery life
  • PingTools Network Utilities (StreamSoft)
  • Screen On (Chethan Dnadgey - Good way to force screen to stay on
  • Silent Toggle Widget (Droidmania) - Lets me switch between ring, silent (no vibrate), and vibrate only when before my phone only supported ring/silent or ring/vibrate.
  • Tricorder (Moonblink) - Just fun to have a Star Trek toy and it actually has some useful information
  • Wireless Tether for Root Users (Muller, Lemons, Buxton) - Name says it all