Warcraft II Windows 95/98 Technical Problem Trick

Do you ever get a wierd error message when you try to run Warcraft 2 in Windows 95/98 when the Blizzard graphic pops up on the screen? The computer complains about the VMM or something like that with an exception error. You can fix this by running the program UVCONFIG in the WarcraftII directory. To do this click on the Start button, click on Run, type in C:\WAR2\UVCONFIG (or wherever you installed Warcraft II), and press enter. When the program runs just click on OK and it will update your display. That will fix the problem it gives you.

Warcraft II Cheat Codes

While in a game hit the enter key. A prompt will come up at the bottom of the screen saying "Message", type in the cheat code and hit the enter key to activate the cheat code. To shut-off a cheat code enter it again.

Registered Version

Shareware Version

Maps, Patches, and Utilities

I made a map that disables any use of magic on the map. This can work for any number of players, but by default there is one human against seven computers (I think). I used the Extended Map Editor to disable all the magic (you can download the map editor below). Click here to download the map I made.

You can get patches and upgrades at Blizzard's Web Site.

There are a lot of cool programs that can modify the game. Warcraft II itself comes with a map editor so you can create your own maps. Another great utility I have found is the Extended Map Editor. This editor allows you to change character behavior, make other objects act like anything else you want, and you can even disable something in a custom map (like magic). You can get this map editor INSERT LINK HERE.

Ever want to play Warcraft but don't like putting in your CD each time? INSERT LINK HERE is a program that will let you do that. Just upgrade with one of the patches to version 1.4 or 1.5 so it will work the best. Disclaimer: It is illegal to use this program in a way as to play the game without owning it, I take no responsiblity for the use of this program by you or others and you agree that I cannot be held resposible for what you do with this program. I also didn't create the program so don't ask me what to do if you can't get it to work.

Setting up multi player games


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