Cheat Codes

To use these open up the console (Hit the ~ key on your keyboard or use the menu, Options, Go To Console to get to it) and then type the code in and hit the enter key.� Close the console (Hit the escape key).

Some of these codes will only work in single player games but most others should work fine.

Modifacations, Patches, and Utilities

I recommend downloading one of the upgrade patches for Quake II from ID Software. �You can get them from this page (INSERT LINK HERE TO ID SOFTWARE PAGE).

Below is a list of other useful utilities for Quake II:

Console Commands

Below is a list of all the Quake II console commands and what they do:

Command-line Options

Below is a list of all the Quake II command-line options and what they do:

Setting up multi player games

Quake II has ???four??? basic ways to play multi player games: �???Modem, Direct Link???, IPX Network, and TCP/IP. �The most common is probably TCP/IP play, followed by IPX Network. �It is recommended that all players run the most current version of Quake II.

A word about servers ? ? ?WHOLE THING NEEDS WORK

There are two kinds of servers in Quake II: �Dedicated and non-dedicated. �A dedicated server means that the machine being used is not running the graphical part of Quake, but instead, it is running with just a text console on the screen. �This type of server provides far gameplay for all the players involved. �When running a dedicated server, Quake doesn't have a person playing in the game on the computer running the server.
A non-dedicated server, on the other hand, is running a Quake game and allows a person to play in the game on the computer. �The only problem is the person playing will allows be the first one in the level and have no lag (delay in game due to connection speed). �This will give that player a big advantage in the game.

?????????????Modem Play

I recommend that both players have at least a 28.8Kbps modem or faster for this type of game. �Choose which player will host (listening for a telephone call) and which player will be connect (dial the phone). �As far as I know this type of play only supports two people, but one may be able to using direct console commands to enable more connections.

The Host
The host is the person who will start the Quake server and have their modem listen for incoming calls. �If they are running a non-dedicated server they will have the most advantage as they will be given the top speed in the game.

The host will select these options from the main menu:
FINISH THIS LATER, OK??? INclude the modem strings, autoanswer on/off, error correction off

The Client
The client selects these options from the main menu: FINISH THIS LATER Include modem string to shutoff error correction

If you are unable to connect to the host check the following things:

????????????????Direct Link Play

This format allows players to play using a null-modem (file transfer) cable. �You can get one of these cables at a Walmart or Radio Shack; just ask for a serial cable that will do file transfer. �If the cable says "Works with Win95/98 File Transfer" or something like that then it will work. �As far as I know only two players are supported in this type of connection but using some direct console commands could enable more. �To setup this type of game plug the null-modem cable into one of the serial (COM) ports on the back of each computer.

The Host
The host clicks on these main menu options: FINSIH LATER

The Client
The client clicks on these main menu options: FINISH LATER

?IPX Network

This type of play will probably be the fastest. �All the computers involved must be linked in a network for this to work. �This type of play allows for up to 64??? players and is usually the easiest to setup.

The Host
The host selects these options from the main menu: FINISH LATER

The Client
The client selects these options from the main menu: FINISH LATER

For the client, when you are at the game chooser screen if you see a duplicate of a game that just has a number behind it's name it is probably the same game but a difference in versions caused it to read funny. �Just select the one at the top of the list as it will work better. �If you are behind a LAN at your work it can be common for them to not allow you to play games like Quake over the network. �If the option to select IPX Network is not selectable you need to install the IPX Network protocal on your machine.


This type of game requires that you know the IP address of a game you are wanting to connect to or that your buddies know your IP address. �There are a lot of front-ends that you can use to find games as well. �If you are using WinQuake this options will work automatically but if you are using the DOS version of Quake you need to run Q95.BAT from your Quake directory in order to enable TCP/IP.

The Host
The host clicks on these options: finish this later

The Client
The client clicks on these options: finish this LATER

I do not recommend connecting to a server or playing with someone else unless their ping (response time) is less then 400ms. �Anything greater just makes for sorry gaming. �Also remember, if you are not connecting to a dedicated server then the player who is serving will have a advantage. �If you often see a little graphic pop up on your screen that has a phone line disconnected from a phone jack that means that the connection has gotten really bad and is waiting for the server to respond. �I would try a different server or try exiting Quake and then reentering the game.


For other great Quake add-ons and information try ID Software, Planet Quake, and FTP.CDROM.COM.

Rodney Beede � 1999-2000