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Cheat Codes

Just type these in anytime while you are not in map mode.� You don't have to press enter after the end of them. �A means the code is only for Doom I and a means the code is only for Doom II.

You can get a complete guide to all the secrets in Doom I & II here.


You can upgrade Doom I to Ultimate Doom by going to ID Software's web site. �I would patch your version of Doom I/II to version 1.9. �You can also get code that will allow you to run doom on Linux machines and other platforms.


I recommend the following utilities for Doom I/II:

Setting up multiplayer games

I don't think anyone really plays Doom I or Doom II anymore, so I will not describe how to setup multiplayer games as it is pretty difficult anyway. �Try reading the documents that come with the game or getting a front end like Doom 95. �If you really must know how and need help then contact me.

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