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What is Diablo

Diablo is a role-playing adventure game that has you take one of three characters into the dark levels of a dungeon to fight the hideous Diablo and his evil creations. �This is a definite buy to add to your collection and only costs $10 at your local Walmart.

Checkout for more info about this great game.

Diablo Cheats

In order to cheat at Diablo (even in multiplayer games) you must download and run a Diablo trainer. �What this program does is modify the game's memory while you are playing it to make you a god, have all the spells, load in any items, save and restore your characters to different computers, and other things. �The best one I've found is BobaFett's Trainer. �If all you want is to be able to backup your character then BoBaFeTT also has a mini version that will just save & load characters, import items, and modify your character's stats. �You can get all these great utilities from The Great BoBaFeTT's homepage.

Diablo Patches

The latest and last supported patch made by Blizzard is 1.07. �You can get it at (1.4MB).

Diablo Items

You use Diablo items for your trainer. �Items are the stuff your character can use (like books, weapons, potions, etc.) during the game. �You can even give your buddies *valid* game items by droping a saved version of that item (using a trainer of course) onto your belt (or inventory) and giving it to them. �Most item files you find on the Internet may not work with the BoBaFeTT trainer so here are the ones I have that I know work in Diablo (ver 1.07) with BoBaFeTT's Trainer�(ver�5.6): The custom item I made using the Diablo Advanced Item Editor. �It allows you to mess around with any saved item files you have or create new custom items. �You cannot give other players custom items through the game. �They have to have the item file (.itm) and import it using a trainer. �I couldn't find a home web site for the Advanced Item Editor I use so you can download it from here.

Setting up Multiplayer Diablo Games

Diablo has very good multiplayer support. �You can play modem-to-modem, direct serial link, IPX network, or TCP/IP network games. �Blizzard has created a dedicated network for many of their games for playing over the internet for free. �Unfortunately due to many of the hacks and trainers for Diablo, anyone can cheat in a multiplayer Diablo game. �I myself enjoy playing multiplayer Diablo because I find it more fun then playing against just the computer, but due to all the cheaters I only play with my friends on my local LAN (that way I can make sure they aren't trying to cheat against me). �Diablo allows you to either team up with up to four other players and fight the computer or you can fight the human and computer characters all at once. �You can't use your characters you created in single player games, however, so you must create a new character for your multiplayer games. �Below I will describe how to setup each type of multiplayer game, but I would also recommend reading the instructions on the Diablo CD as they are very good. �If you have trouble contact me.

For the sake of keeping this page small I have broken up each type of multiplayer game into sections. �Please select one from the list below:

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