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Warcraft II Technical Help

Do you ever get a wierd error message when you try to run Warcraft 2 in Windows 95, after the program starts, when the Blizzard graphic pops up on the screen. The computer complains about the VMM or something like that with an exception error. You can fix this by running the program UVCONFIG in the Warcraft 2 directory. To do this click on the Start button, Click Run.., type in C:\WAR2\UVCONFIG (or where ever you installed Warcraft 2), and press enter. When the program runs just click on OK and it will update your display. That will fix the problem it gives you.

Here is a list of every Warcraft II code I have

While in a game hit the enter key. A prompt will come up at the bottom of the screen saying Message, type in the cheat code and hit the enter key to activate the cheat code. To shut-off a cheat code enter it again.

Registered Version

Shareware Version

You can get patches and upgrades at Blizzard's Web Site.

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