Below are some free programs that you can download

Program NameDescription
Adobe AcrobatReads pdf formated files that are given out on the internet
Animagic GIFLets you make transparent or animated gifs for use on your web page
GoldwaveReads multiple sound formats and lets you manipulate them
Graphic Workshop 95Reads multilpe graphic file formats and lets you convert them and manipuate them
Intel Internet Video PhoneLets you talk to people over the internet in real time with your voice and/or video
Kali 95Lets you play games that support IPX mutliplayer over the internet.
Master SplitterBreaks up big files so you can put it on multiple floppies
McAfee Virus ScannerProtects your system against viruses
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0Internet Web Browser
Omni Web ServerServes web pages on your machine
Perl executorRuns perl & cgi scripts on your machine
Quick ResolutionChanges the screen resolution on your computer without restarting
Tune It!Tunes a musical instrument
Windows 95 Kernal UpdateUpdates the Windows 95 kernal to fix errors
Windows 95 Service Pack #1Windows 95 update for non-OSR/2 version of Win95
WinImageFormats floppies to 1.68MB format
WinZipCompresses and decompresses files

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