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  7. I reserve the right to delete any alias account that is violating the Terms of Service or causing other problems with the service operating.
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If you violate any of the Terms of Service your account will be subject to deletion and you may be disallowed from accessing texasbites.com. Please report spam abuse to [email protected].

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Instructions: This service provides an e-mail forwarding alias. You must have an existing e-mail address in order to use this service. You pick your desired @texasbites.com alias and it will forward any messages sent to it to your forwarding e-mail address. Also of note is that some e-mail spam filters may initially filter out messages forwarded to you (such as hotmail.com's). Most e-mail services provide a way to allow the e-mail through. Hotmail for example will most likely initially filter messages into your Junk Mail folder. To fix this just send yourself a test message at your @texasbites.com alias and then go into your Hotmail Junk Mail folder, select the forwarded e-mail, and click on the This is not junk mail button.

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