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pppd (or pptpd) unrecognized option 'require-mppe-128' - Last Modified 2012-02-07 21:57 UTC - Created 2012-02-07 21:57 UTC

Was playing with my PPTP (pptpd) server on my OpenWRT router. I was having problems hand-creating a configuration that would work with a Windows 7 client.

pppd: In file /etc/ppp/options.pptpd: unrecognized option 'require-mppe-128'

Yet I had pppd version 2.4.5 which says that option is valid. Turns out there are 3 different possible versions of which my 2.4.5 had a non-standard pppd version.

The following site (expand the comments) led me to this answer "The MPPC flag builds a non-standard PPP that uses different options."

Try something along the lines of the following instead:

mppe required,no40,no56,stateless