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Running MySQL from your Home Directory - Last Modified 2009-04-02 03:28 UTC - Created 2009-04-02 03:28 UTC

I was needing to setup a test MySQL installation on a Linux server but didn't have root access. I decided to just run the copy under my user name in my home folder instead.

Do all of the following with the current directory as the folder where you decompressed MySQL.

MySQL 5 was used.

Creating the database the first time

./scripts/mysql_install_db --basedir=$PWD --datadir=./data/


./bin/mysqld -b $PWD --datadir=./data --socket=/tmp/mysql.sock &


mysqladmin shutdown --socket=/tmp/mysql.sock -u root

Starting listening over TCP/IP only via localhost connections

./bin/mysqld -b $PWD --datadir=./data --socket=/tmp/mysql.sock –bind-address= &