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Repeat template text with inserted lines generator - Last Modified 2013-08-15 18:02 UTC - Created 2013-08-15 18:02 UTC

Use this handy utility to text a template text in the Template box and generate an output based on the Line Separated Input box below. This is all done client-side in JavaScript so large amounts of text may generate slowly. Tested in Google Chrome.

This improved version will let you use delimited text to fill in multiple template values. You can also set the delimited to nothing to just use the entire line of input. Any \r\n or \n are used for the split and do not show up in the template insert values.

Template: (Use ~~~MARKER#~~~ for where you want input inserted where # is the line input split index starting at 0 to n-1) Line Separated Input: (\r\n or \n accepted)

Delimiter character: (for tab you have to copy + paste)