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Make Juniper Network Connect work with Slackware 12.2 - Last Modified 2009-01-27 17:27 UTC - Created 2009-01-27 17:27 UTC

My work uses Juniper Network connection for the VPN solution. I have Slackware 12.2 at home. Assuming you install all the packages for Slackware the VPN doesn't work out of the box. Here are the steps I took to get it working:
  1. Make sure you have Java 1.6 JRE installed
  2. Launch Firefox 3
  3. Make sure your Java plug-in is loaded into Firefox
    1. Google "test Java" to test it
  4. Start the network connect via your VPN web site
    • It will fail, but we need the initial files
  5. Open a terminal (I used Konsole)
  6. Add the tun device with the following commands
    • sudo mkdir /dev/net
    • sudo mknod /dev/net/tun c 10 200
  7. Relaunch the network connect via your VPN web site
  8. This time the connection will hold