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Line Inserter plug-in for Notepad++ - Last Modified 2011-02-06 22:23 UTC - Created 2011-02-06 22:23 UTC

NotePad++ Line Inserter Plug-in So I've written a plug-in that will insert " at the beginning and end of all lines in the current document.

You need to (manually) install the NppScripting plug-in by Kremer Eugen (http://www.softwarecanoe.de/data/nppscripting.zip) and copy the lineinserter.js file into the "includes" folder for that plug-in.

I wanted to make it prompt for the text to insert, but there isn't a good API in the NppScripting plug-in for doing so. I tried the provided Dialog class, but the IE window wouldn't open with focus on Windows 7. Any ideas on how to prompt the user for input?