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Compile Netcat on Windows using MinGW - Last Modified 2015-02-17 22:37 UTC - Created 2009-09-08 16:58 UTC

I wanted a way to compile Netcat on Windows using MinGW so I could have a version without the GAPING_SECURITY_HOLE option (-e command line option). This helps to avoid the annoyance of anti-virus tools reporting it as a virus/trojan and also gives me a binary I know isn't infected with something.

Doing so on Windows is a real pain since there isn't a straight forward make file for MinGW. It seemed mostly geared at Microsoft VC.

Just copy and paste the following text into a "makewin.cmd" file in the same directory as the source. A good place to get source for Windows is http://joncraton.org/blog/46#comment-14590181 (this also includes a binary for Netcat for Windows but the -e option is still turned on). I also have a build of Netcat that you can download here. In addition you can find other sites that provide mirrors at http://www.thaoh.net/Tools/Netcat/

You'll need MinGW with gcc version 3.4.5 (I used MinGW 5.1.4. Modify the paths in the batch script as needed and run it. You should get a nc.exe file if all went well.

@REM	Build script to compile Netcat on WIN32 using MinGW
@REM	Rodney Beede	(http://www.rodneybeede.com)
@REM	2009-09-02
@REM	Tested with gcc 3.4.5 and MinGW version 5.1.4

SET COMPILER=c:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe
SET LIB_DIR=c:\MinGW\lib


del *.o
del nc.exe




@REM Note that the -l libraries MUST come at the very end or linking will fail
"%COMPILER%" getopt.o doexec.o netcat.o --output nc.exe -Wl,-L"%LIB_DIR%",-lkernel32,-luser32,-lwinmm,-lws2_32

Download my Netcat build

Netcat 1.11 for Windows (32-bit build, works on 64-bit too). The -e option is not enabled.